The Importance of Proofing Designs

You’ve made up your mind that it’s time for a new site or image. For many, the first step is to choose the right company. However, the first thing you need to do is formulate at least a basic idea of what you expect from the completed product. Not only is this step commonly ignored in the starting phase of project formulation, but also during the creative briefing stage after hiring a design company.

Everyone wants to dump off a concept to the professionals and let them take care of everything. If you’re having your car washed, then nothing is really needed from you. For other projects, you need to be more involved. Website design and graphic design are two areas where getting involved yourself is necessary to the ideal design for you and your business.

When you first meet with a website and graphic design firm, you should provide them with your estimations and goals. This gives the company something of a starting point. This doesn’t mean that you are done. No one can read your mind. In order to make absolutely certain you get the most optimal design possible, you must take the creative briefing stage extremely.

This is the stage of the project where you work one on one with the designers to ensure they completely comprehend what you want. The more they understand, the quicker that can deliver the finished project. It also reduces the number of initial design changes.

The next step before the designer can work on your project is proofing your design. You should never just quickly glimpse the design and give your approval. Look over the design plans as thoroughly as you would any important document. If the design isn’t exactly as you envisioned it and doesn’t provide the features you discussed, now is the time to make changes.

Waiting until the final project is delivered means time consuming revisions for both you and the designer. By involving yourself in both the creative briefing and design proofing stages, you save both time and money. You also get the perfect website or graphic design the first time around. The sooner your project is in place, the sooner your customers and visitors will see it.

You should never take this responsibility lightly. It’s your design, your website. Take the time to ensure the design company you choose fully understands your vision. By communicating your needs, the company is able to provide suggestions. With thorough communication between both parties, the best designs and sites are created.

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