LED Downlights – Why are they so Popular?

There is no denying that when it comes to energy-efficient lighting, LED downlighting is the latest trend. With the advancement in illumination technology, lighting has come-of-age with the availability of LED downlights. Today, more people are beginning to discover the different benefits of using this type of lighting.

An LED downlight is proven to have impressive energy-saving qualities, making conventional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs pale in comparison. Now you can use only far less power. While others discuss the higher initial price of LED downlights, this cost can easily be recovered in a short amount of time as consumers will be assured of saving a significant amount of money on their electricity bills. You will enjoy an exceptional quality of light for your home or building, at a great monthly power rate.

Here are some of the reasons that make more consumers change to LED:

1. LED downlights are very energy-efficient. To be specific, they use almost 90% less energy when compared to incandescent downlights, and almost 50% less power than flourescents. This feature means a significant saving in your costs.

2. LED downlights last longer. They last tens of thousands of hours, which is more or less equivalent to a lifespan of 25 years with normal usage.

3. LED do not require maintenance or changing. You are assured that your LED downlight won’t burn out, but will simply become dim at the end of its lifespan. When this happens -after at least twenty years of continuous usage- this is the sign that you finally need to replace it.

Available colours of LED downlights

LED downlights are perfect when you need a light that is similar to daylight. They are available in two main colours: warm white and neutral white.

If you want the yellow glow that is similar to that produced by an incandescent bulb, choose the warm white LED downlights. If you prefer neutral or daylight colour that is offered by a fluorescent lamp, choose neutral white. Make sure that you choose the right colour by checking the product. Basically, a 2700K colour temperature means the LED emits a yellowish glow. You need one with a colour temperature of 3500K if you want a neutral-white light.

Needless to say, LED downlights and other LED-based lighting in general are a boon to the environment -far more so than the conventional or other known energy-efficient lighting alternatives. For instance, LED downlights do not contain a trace of toxic mercury; this means that there are no environmental hazards to be concerned about if you need to replace them.

However, take care to buy only top-quality LED downlight products. The LED lighting industry is still fairly new, and there are unscrupulous manufacturers producing inferior quality LED products. By choosing superior LED downlights, you are assured of not only superb quality in color of light and brightness, but also the best in energy-efficiency.

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