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You need a hot water system for your home and you do not have any idea which hot water system will suit your family, both from the cost angle as well as efficiency angle. A hot water system can be confusing as there are so many types such as: Solar Hot Water System, Gas Hot Water System, Electric Hot Water System, and Heat Pump Hot Water System. This is why you should consult a professional company to ensure that the correct hot water system is installed in your home. If you live in the South East Queensland and Sydney areas, the best professionals in hot water heating systems are hot water system prices.

What are the different types of hot water systems and how can hot water system prices help you identify the correct system and get you the best deal?

The different types of hot water systems are:

A basic solar hot water system uses energy from the sun by using a solar collector which is usually placed on the roof of the house. It is placed in such a way to maximize the sunlight falling on it. This heats the working fluid and is then either pumped or circulated by using natural convection. The collector is a glass topped insulated box which has a flat solar absorber made of sheet metal and copper tubing or made of metal tubes surrounded by evacuated glass. The heated water is then stored in a hot water storage tank. The volume of this tank should be sufficiently large to factor in bad weather days.

This system requires little maintenance and can give you years of trouble free service. The system will have a storage system to store the hot water until it is used. The system basically works on convection. Cold water is supplied to the tank by means of a dip tube. The cold water is heated by a gas burner located underneath the heating system and as the water heats up, by convection it moves upwards and is then drawn out by the hot water discharge pipe and sent to the insulated storage tank. Since the hot water pipe draws water only from the top of the heating tank, it is much shorter than the cold water pipe. Safety features will be incorporated in the system.

An electric hot water system is efficient and is of relative simple construction. It consists of a heating tank, which is usually lined to prevent corrosion, a dip tube to let in cold water, a pipe to let out hot water, a thermostat to control water temperature and a safety pressure release valve and it needs a power source. It will also have a sacrificial anode rod to help keep corrosion at bay. The electric heater is connected to the home water system.

The temperature of the water that is being heated can be kept within a specified range using a thermostat. Due to convection the hot water rises to the surface and can be drawn off for use. Depending on needs, a suitable capacity system should be installed.

This system uses brine was the working medium. Brine is usually water mixed with alcohol or glycol to prevent freezing. The refrigerant used is usually eco friendly such as carbon dioxide. The brine is circulated in a collector loop and it absorbs heat energy from bedrock, ground, air or water. It is then sent to a heat exchanger where the tepid brine in the collector passes on the heat to the refrigerant which then becomes a gas.

The pressure of the refrigerant is raised sufficiently by a compressor and by using a condenser the refrigerant releases heat which heats the hot water system and in doing so it gets cooled.

It is then circulated to the expansion valve to lower the pressure of the refrigerant which reduces its temperature and converts it back to liquid form. The refrigerant is circulated again and the process is restarted.

As you can see each system has its advantages and disadvantages. It requires an expert to assess the system that is suitable for you. Hot water system prices deals only with quality, licensed manufacturers who back their products with warranties and service.

All you have to do is to contact hot water system prices through their website and fill out a simple form. They will send their experts to make an assessment suitable to your needs. They will also answer all your questions and queries. Once a suitable hot water system is identified, hot water system prices will get you multiple quotes from reputed suppliers and ensure that you the best deal available in the market. Currently the area of operations are South East Queensland and Sydney, plans are in train to expand the area of operations.

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