Choosing a Mackay Lawyer, Solicitor or Law Firm

Because it is a popular and growing area, there are many new families and people now living in the Mackay region that need to choose a Mackay solicitor* or law firm for the first time. Choosing a solicitor to complete the conveyancing to help you buy a house, to give advice about starting a business or to prepare important documents like wills or enduring powers-of-attorney, can be a intimidating and worrying process.

When you are looking for a Mackay solicitor, lawyer or law firm you should consider looking for these attributes:

Happy customers
For most people it’s almost impossible to compare the quality of legal services that is provided by one Mackay solicitor/lawyer or another. Unless you are a regular user of a similar kind of legal service you won’t really be able to compare various law firms. But you can look for a Mackay solicitor who is proud of their past performance provides several references from previous or existing clients. If they have numerous testimonials it lets you know two things. Firstly, that they have plenty of happy clients and secondly, that they are willing to take time and trouble to discover what their clients think of their service. They understand that they are a service-oriented business.

Local Knowledge
A Mackay solicitor or lawyer should have a good local knowledge and demonstrated experience in helping other people in the town. Look for firms that have worked on major local developments or firms with established conveyancing sections that will have developed a valuable source of “inside knowledge” about the property market, local agents and banks that can make all the difference to the way your transaction will be dealt with.

Breadth of Services
While most people only need a lawyer occasionally, there is value in choosing a Mackay lawyer, solicitor or law firm which can provide the full range of services without you having to move around to other lawyers. Finding a firm that can provide conveyancing, estate planning, disputes, business services and even workplace or employment issues, means you can rely on one firm which will meet all your legal requirements. Law firms value clients that use several services, and are often able to provide those services more cheaply when they have done other work for you in the past.

*In Queensland a person with legal qualifications was traditionally referred to as a solicitor while a person who “had standing” to represent you in court was called a barrister. More recently the general term lawyer has become more widespread and can be used to describe either of these types of legal practitioner. In some other states of Australia the conveyancing process (the legal process required to transfer ownership of house) can be undertaken by licenced conveyancers. This is not the case in Queensland where conveyancing must be undertaken by a solicitor/lawyer.

John Gray is a practising solicitor and marketing consultant who has worked with leading Mackay law firms. If you need a Mackay solicitor or Mackay lawyer contact John Gray for a recommendation.

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